Monday, March 23, 2009


Ok, while procrastinating (see sidebar...) I found this and thought it might be fun. You Google: Unfortunately (your name) and this is what I got!

Unfortunately, Danielle was gone skiing and did not return until January 2, 2008
Unfortunately, Danielle passed away from anorexia in 2001. (not cool...)
Unfortunately Danielle isn’t quite up to the challenge of surviving a zombie attack.
Unfortunately Danielle didn’t make it to contestants row, but she did manage to get her pretty face in the audience and on camera.

Unfortunately, Danielle became drawn into her sister's revenge plans against Shaquanna Nichols.
Unfortunately, Danielle is a tad larger than the average girl, so she's not thrilled.

Unfortunately, Danielle can't escape her past.

Unfortunately, Danielle’s ex-husband Emile is stalking her for whatever reason.
Unfortunately, Danielle was waving at me giddily and I couldn’t ignore her.

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