Tuesday, March 31, 2009

feeling the love

definately feeling the love today, so thought I would share some luffly pove pics...may they make your heart happy x

Monday, March 30, 2009

blog happy : )

Wow, some days I cant find the time to post once, and today I am going for my second!
So we had a bit of a breakthrough today- Kalan is now sleeping in his cot...well my aim is for him to spend the majority of his sleeping life in his own ved, but we'll see how we go. Today he had his morning sleep in his cot, i think that is probably only the second time he has slept in it (he's 6 months now!) It was alot easier than i expected. I fed him in the chair that I put in his nursery, and he fell asleep in my arms. It was great to not have any tears the first time we tried! Then tonight i did the same. He did have a few tears, but i picked him up, held him, fed him again, and he went back in there. Again, a lot easier than I imagined. Now I am not saying that he wont sleep with me at all anymore- I would miss him far too much for that! But I think this is maybe whats best for all of us...I cant wait to have Chris back in my bed- it has felt like I have a room mate lately, not a partner! But of course K is my first priority, and I feel that what he have done in the last few months has been the perfect way to bring him into the world. He has no doubt in his mind that he is loved, and I hope this will make the transition easier...if not, its back to 12 hours of snuggles at night!
Well, i will definitely keep you posted on my progress, but for now, it is time for me to go an enjoy my own bed for a little while!'
Ps. How could you not enjoy sleeping in a room this cute:

Things to do before I...

OK- I have wanted to start this list for SO long, and it was going to be 'things to do before I turn 30' but that is happening in less that a month. So maybe, things to do before I turn 40!?!?

1.Swim with the dolphins, anywhere, but most likely Seaworld.

2. Go whale watching- cant believe I haven't done this one yet!

3. Learn to paraglide- no not just do it, which is the best fun, but get my licence, and do it for real.

4. Buy a house- OK, very sensible, but also very important.

5. OK- upgrade- buy a large property (farm).

6. Own at least ONE horse (see number 5).

7. Have another baby- I may have been super blessed by one, but would love (at least!) another!

8. See more of Australia.

9. To be living a more self-sufficient sustainable life.

10. Go scuba diving.

Well, that will have to do me for now. I figure that's one per year, at the worst, but I can always add to this ( I am sure there are many other things I want to accomplish)

Bed time...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today I...

Today Kalan and I slept in until 7, and where greeted by a lovely cup of tea, smiles and kisses from Daddy...

Today I did some work for a client- booking a holiday from Brisbane to Hong Kong, then onto Cairo, then Athens, Santorini, back to Athens, back to Cairo, onto Bangkok, via Sydney then home again...phew...

Today I attempted the Babes in Arms at the local cinema. Got half way through Duplicity when Kalan decided enough was enough, so I drove home, missing the end of the movie, to put him to bed....

Today I planned my friends surprise homecoming visit with her- LAX to BNE early April, for a quick 5 day dash! Gotta keep that one a secret!!!

Today I accidentally learned the name of one of my best friends unborn baby...oops, better not tell her I know :o (

Today I cooked a mean pasta for us, and a wicked vege mash for babes...

Today I did more sewing on my Moda Nest stacked coin quit, its gonna be heavenly, and just in time for the cooler weather!

Today I did some re-organising of the book shelf...

Today I once again ate too many M&M's...but SO yum!

Today I finally put away my stack of nappies that have been waiting to be folded for too many days now...

Today I put some of Kalans teeny tiny socks and singlets into his box of teeny tiny clothes...needed to make room for the 'big boy' stuff!

Today I spent many happy hours helping Kalan learn to crawl! These are the best days xx

Today I...well I thinks that's enough for one day....night night ; )

Monday, March 23, 2009


Ok, while procrastinating (see sidebar...) I found this and thought it might be fun. You Google: Unfortunately (your name) and this is what I got!

Unfortunately, Danielle was gone skiing and did not return until January 2, 2008
Unfortunately, Danielle passed away from anorexia in 2001. (not cool...)
Unfortunately Danielle isn’t quite up to the challenge of surviving a zombie attack.
Unfortunately Danielle didn’t make it to contestants row, but she did manage to get her pretty face in the audience and on camera.

Unfortunately, Danielle became drawn into her sister's revenge plans against Shaquanna Nichols.
Unfortunately, Danielle is a tad larger than the average girl, so she's not thrilled.

Unfortunately, Danielle can't escape her past.

Unfortunately, Danielle’s ex-husband Emile is stalking her for whatever reason.
Unfortunately, Danielle was waving at me giddily and I couldn’t ignore her.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am stuck...

Ok, the sewing bug has left me for a little while..I have no inspiration...I have been trawling Etsy and have found too many gorgeous fabric's, but still cant convince myself to buy them : ( I have also been stalking some of my favourite websites and blogs, and although there are awesome ideas and tips out there, I just cant seem to get into it...
Bought some big scatter cushions the other day and they need covers made- I know the fabric and everything that would be perfect, but still feel like...hhhhuuuummmm...also, I know K would love a new taggie blanket, and I have SO many scraps to use up, but again...hhhuuummmmm...AND if that's not slack enough, I have a half finished quilt that is supposed to be for our bedroom, and I haven't touched it in about a week..and this weather is gonna turn even worse soon....
Oh, maybe its because it is my birthday soon....i am too busy worrying about turning the big 3-0 instead of happily getting creative!

Anyway, enough sooking, gotta get going for my day out with my beautiful bestie LiLi :o )


Thursday, March 12, 2009

to combat the dreary weather...

OK, so we have definately felt the effects of autumn already, so I have decided to post some happy weather pic's...some of the awesome sunsets we get here off our back deck...

ENJOY :o )

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our clever little cherub!

I have been meaning to post for a couple of days now...I really want to document our clever little cherub's milestones- and this week has definitely been a big one...Monday Kalan decided to get mobile! He is VERY nearly crawling, and I have pic's to prove it...He is trying his absolute hardest, i think it will only be a week or two longer and he will be tearing around the house...Look out! Only 5 and a half months and already the cleverest man around : )

And if that wasn't enough, he started solids this week too. He totally got into his organic rice cereal. He has had a few days worth now, so tonight we are going to try our home grown pumpkin...how can you not love that!

Look how cute he is:

Trying SO hard!!

Loving his rice cereal x

Monday, March 9, 2009

Not a 'good' baby

I have had friends say that they are blessed because they have such 'good' babies compared to mine. Blessed because their babies have been weaned at or before their first year. Blessed because their babies don't fuss when they are laid down to sleep for the night in a crib. Blessed because their babies fall asleep in a pram away from their mothers arms. Blessed? How can that be?

I am blessed with my Kalan. Blessed that he will not accept a substitute for the breast. Blessed that he will only sleep by my side or in my arms. Blessed because he would not allow mothering that was not first class and, because of it, has opened up a world to me that few mothers know. I know what it is to sleep the most peaceful sleep- all warm and fuzzy inside with my little one cuddled up next to me.

I know what it means to make the foundations of his world safe and secure, and to be able to give him a gift that can be given only now, but will last for the rest of his life. I experience the depth of love between us and know that 'you reap what you sow'.

There have been many times where it has been hard- attachment parenting is made difficult by our culture and society today, but we now reap the benefits in so many ways.

There is so much joy in my relationship with Kalan. Love seems to beget love and it just seems to get better every day. Thank you, Kalan, for being persistent and for teaching me so much about being a mother...I am blessed!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sleepy time..

Kalan has been asleep for SO long today, which is fantastic, as I have caught up on lots of jobs, but I am sad as I have no fabric here and no sewing to do... I am waiting on some fluffy mail to arrive. I have just gone crazy and ordered some charm square packs from Moda- my favourite designer of the minute is Tula Pink, and I have ordered 2 lots of the Nest charm squares, and also Soiree, to do a gorgeous little cot blanket...

So even though I havent done any sewing, I have had a chance to get some shots of Kalan's original quilt, which I thought I would show you. I love this one, its made with Moda charm squares, by Tula Pink (of course!) in the Full Moon Forest range...LUSH!

Finished quilt!

OK- it is finally done..Dont really know how I feel about this one yet, I have too many other projects on my minds and found myself rushing through to get this one finished so I can start on something much more lovely! I really cant wait to start jmy oriental quilt...

But, this one is still pretty special..hopefully my Grama will think so, as it is her birthday in a couple of weeks and it is to be her gift. I figuered anything hand made is a treasure- lets hope she agrees : )

It is quite a large quilt- about a double bed size, lovely for snuggling up with! It is made with 2 charm square packs from Moda (love, love!) and some great co-ordinating fabrics for the borders.

I have some dodgy pic's to follow- hope they look ok!