Friday, July 30, 2010

some updated quilt pics.

boy have i been busy! i have been sewing up an absolute storm lately. must be that nesting kicking in! with about 8 weeks to go, i should be cleaning cupboards skirting boards, according to tradition. instead my house is getting messier, but my quilt pile is getting larger :) i know what i would prefer! so ai know i have posted a few photos of some of these quilts, but not great ones, so i took advantage of the sunshine today, and grabbed a couple of brighter shots.

using cogsmo cricket
so bright and cheerful for a little boy

and the beautiful tula pink full moon forest
so beautiful and girly. i hardly ever see these colours in a nursery, but i love purple!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


hop on over here and enter!

or not, then i have more chances to win hehe

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a whole lot of cutting!!

i have started a quilt that i am in love with all ready! maybe this one will be a keeper for my little boy. since he's due in about 8 weeks and i'm running out of time, its all the more reason!

the pattern for this quilt, called strips and bricks, came from a sew hip mag that i actually won in a blog comp AGES ago, and forgot all about.

then i spotted a gorgeous version over at red pepper quilts, which reminded me that this was a perfect way to use some of my beautiful japanese fabric that i have been pondering over for too long!
so, i spent the last 2 days cutting....and cutting...and cutting....all up i think about 230 rectangles!! ouch....i even got blisters! the things we do for love hey : )

very excited to start piecing this together...why is it that once my squares are all cut, and i am ready to get serious, my toddler decides to forgo his lunchtime sleep!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

quilt pics

ok, i have finally taken some photos of the last couple of quilts i have finished working on!

a sweet baby boy quilt, using the cogsmo cricket line

laying out my blocks

love the colours in this combo

using simple white for my borders and a red binding really sets it off.

and this one was done using the same pattern, but with my tula pink full moon forest fabric, and with michael miller dots.
i was really hesitant in cutting up my tula pink fabric, as it is virtually impossible to come by now, and i'm not too sure of the results.
what do you think??

my pile of never ending blocks!

soooo much cutting these last few days i have blisters!

prior to quilting

now i just have the binding to do and its all done.
hopefully someone with love this baby!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

waiting for the sunsine...

i have finished an awesome cot quilt, and cant wait to show you all, but since i finished in the dark, i wont spoil it by taking dodgy photos!

i then cut all my blocks for another cot quilt, this time cutting into my BEAUTIFUL, and impossible to find Tula Pink Full Moon Forest stash. let me tell you, this was hard to do. do you ever love something so much, and think it is so perfect the way it is, that you are scared to mess with it!?!?! well, thats how i feel about this. but too late now, its done : )

since i have no photos of my own to share, i will show you some of the gorgeous crafty inspiration that has got me all excited about my next, next quilt...thats the thing with quilting, isnt it...i have so much time to think, that before i have even finished one, i have plans for at least three more in my head. and so it never ends ; )

i love this quilt by patch andi, using a beautiful mix of vintage sheets and linen.

why cant i ever find sheets like this in my local op-shops?!?!

luckily, the clever people at urban chicks have found a solution!

the new line Dream On, inspired by the best vintage sheets we can never find on our own!

and over at filminthefridge, you can see she has already put some charm packs into good use : )
this is definately on my list for my next, next quilt
these have really gotten me ready for summer, or at least spring! after feeling very wintery the last few weeks, i am excited to think about spring, and this is the perfect, with a new baby due this spring, i think this will be our perfect picnic quilt. come on spring!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big Boy Quilt :)

I cant believe my little man is in a big bed already!?!?! He's only 18 months, but so far so good....with #2 due in about 2 months, i needed the cot back, so K has upgraded. Probably the best part about it (for me, anyway) was that i finally got a chance to use my beautiful Lecien Whales and Boats fabric. I bought this AGES ago, but have been too scared to cut into it. i just adore it, but when i found this pattern, i knew it would be the perfect way to show off my fabric. I hope you like it as much as we do.

this is the pattern i based my quilt on... tutorial available from here: Carly of Quiltville
loving his 'big boy bed'

the first day on the line...i was PRAYING my colours didn't run!!

on the bed- perfect single bed sizing : )

Not the best photos, it is tricky to photograph such a white quilt...i will try and get some more soon.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

how cute is this...

these totally irresistible owls are from the clever and creative craft schmaft. the pattern is available for purchase as a pdf, and i am currently in the middle of making my very own for bubtobe....hope they turn out as adorable as this!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

nursery inspiration

with another baby well on the way, i am in full nesting mode! i cant wait to get started on the nursery (to the dismay of my husband as it means lots of lugging furniture up and down stairs!)
i have been searching blogs, etsy, nursery sites, you name it, to find some inspiration, so i can see it all in the one!

this gorgeous quilt is from aussie quilt maker maggieandsparrow, and is my inspiration for the new quilt!
this gorgeous tree is from cocoon couture, but i am going to attempt my own design!

decisions, decisions!! which bundle to choose......i cant make up my mind!!!
courtesy of fabricworm

i have coveted this nursery since my first son was born two years ago...i love everything about it.