Saturday, July 17, 2010

waiting for the sunsine...

i have finished an awesome cot quilt, and cant wait to show you all, but since i finished in the dark, i wont spoil it by taking dodgy photos!

i then cut all my blocks for another cot quilt, this time cutting into my BEAUTIFUL, and impossible to find Tula Pink Full Moon Forest stash. let me tell you, this was hard to do. do you ever love something so much, and think it is so perfect the way it is, that you are scared to mess with it!?!?! well, thats how i feel about this. but too late now, its done : )

since i have no photos of my own to share, i will show you some of the gorgeous crafty inspiration that has got me all excited about my next, next quilt...thats the thing with quilting, isnt it...i have so much time to think, that before i have even finished one, i have plans for at least three more in my head. and so it never ends ; )

i love this quilt by patch andi, using a beautiful mix of vintage sheets and linen.

why cant i ever find sheets like this in my local op-shops?!?!

luckily, the clever people at urban chicks have found a solution!

the new line Dream On, inspired by the best vintage sheets we can never find on our own!

and over at filminthefridge, you can see she has already put some charm packs into good use : )
this is definately on my list for my next, next quilt
these have really gotten me ready for summer, or at least spring! after feeling very wintery the last few weeks, i am excited to think about spring, and this is the perfect, with a new baby due this spring, i think this will be our perfect picnic quilt. come on spring!!!

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  1. Wow! I'm flattered.
    Have just discovered your blog.
    I'll be adding you to my blog roll!!
    Andi :-)


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