Tuesday, September 28, 2010

more nursery inspiration

well, with a baby that still hasn't arrived, i have been hunting around finding little pieces of inspiration. for my little boys nursery, and upcoming birthdays...

gorgeous felt owls and penguins from plushka

super beautiful mobiles from birdynumnum

gnome softies from bitofwhimsy

Friday, September 17, 2010

help me to dream on!?!?!?! PLEASE!!!

ok, so maybe i have pregnancy brain, maybe i shouldn't sew when i am this tired, maybe i should learn to count better, but i got my beautiful dream on charm pack in the mail today, and couldn't wait to get started. i really want to do a disappearing nine patch with sashing, to make a baby quilt. i was sewing my nine patches together as i went, when i got to my last pile, and realised i was 3 squares short....NNNNOOOOO!

i don't have ANY fabric that i can add in that is a match, so here's my request! Does anyone have a square to spare??? can you spare a square??? PLEASE!!! i will cover postage (i am in OZ- as in Australia, not the magical land of OZ- although if this works, then maybe it is magical hehe!) if you can help!?!?!??!

Am i dreaming...can i dream...on...and finish my quilt, or should i just bite the bullet and get another charm pack.....

lets sleep on it and see what happens.....

Nighty night


a sweet little giveaway

head on over here for your chance to win some gorgeous fabric!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

a new (old) quilt..

its been a little quiet around here lately, but i assure you i have been busy sewing away- mainly items for my nursery, which is almost complete. lucky, as i only have about a week left until my due date! i will definitely post some pic's once its done, but for now, here are some photos of my newest quilt.

i love this one- it's from my collection of vintage linens, and i originally had all my pieces 4 times larger- in the railroad style, but it wasn't working for me. so i cut them all into quarters, and re-did my quilt top. i really like it now, it seems to show off the fabrics a little better. it is backed in the same soft baby pink flannel as my last quilt, which is on its way to its new home now!

what do you think? its going up in both madeit and etsy tonight!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my first sale!!

I was so excited last night when i checked my emails, and saw that my vintage baby quilt was featured in the Monday Finds email from madeit.com.
i also then saw that my busy boy baby quilt was one of their top baby finds on the madeit blog!! THEN, this morning, my vintage baby quilt was displayed on the front page (ok,ok so i did pay extra for it be listed on there at some stage, but great that it happened all within a 24 hour period!)
And then...even better- i checked my emails this morning, and guess what!!!! my vintage quilt has sold!!! my first real sale!! as you can tell by my overuse of these- !!!!!!- i am VERY excited...and now also very nervous, as i hope Jane loves it.

only one way to find out- its going off in the post this week.

if you want one of your very own soulbaby quilts head over to madeit or etsy

Monday, September 6, 2010

i'm a little bit famous!!

i just checked out the madeit.com.au blog, and what do you know... i am there!! well, not me personally, but one of my quilts that i listed there for sale...


madeit.com.au :: the handmade market open all day every day: Baby Wish List #1: "As some of you already know, there is going to be a new little addition to madeit HQ in February. Over the next 5 months I'll be compiling m..."

Saturday, September 4, 2010

vintage linen baby quilt

i have been saving my vintage linen's for ages now, waiting for some inspiration, and i found it! do you love it??

it is so pastelly perfect, snugly and soft, i just wish it was big enough for my bed, or even a picnic blanket... but, it is truly the perfect fit for a new little person : )

just listed in my etsy shop here if you want to love it in person ; )

♥ danielle