Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my first sale!!

I was so excited last night when i checked my emails, and saw that my vintage baby quilt was featured in the Monday Finds email from madeit.com.
i also then saw that my busy boy baby quilt was one of their top baby finds on the madeit blog!! THEN, this morning, my vintage baby quilt was displayed on the front page (ok,ok so i did pay extra for it be listed on there at some stage, but great that it happened all within a 24 hour period!)
And then...even better- i checked my emails this morning, and guess what!!!! my vintage quilt has sold!!! my first real sale!! as you can tell by my overuse of these- !!!!!!- i am VERY excited...and now also very nervous, as i hope Jane loves it.

only one way to find out- its going off in the post this week.

if you want one of your very own soulbaby quilts head over to madeit or etsy

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