Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a whole lot of cutting!!

i have started a quilt that i am in love with all ready! maybe this one will be a keeper for my little boy. since he's due in about 8 weeks and i'm running out of time, its all the more reason!

the pattern for this quilt, called strips and bricks, came from a sew hip mag that i actually won in a blog comp AGES ago, and forgot all about.

then i spotted a gorgeous version over at red pepper quilts, which reminded me that this was a perfect way to use some of my beautiful japanese fabric that i have been pondering over for too long!
so, i spent the last 2 days cutting....and cutting...and cutting....all up i think about 230 rectangles!! ouch....i even got blisters! the things we do for love hey : )

very excited to start piecing this together...why is it that once my squares are all cut, and i am ready to get serious, my toddler decides to forgo his lunchtime sleep!

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