Monday, March 30, 2009

Things to do before I...

OK- I have wanted to start this list for SO long, and it was going to be 'things to do before I turn 30' but that is happening in less that a month. So maybe, things to do before I turn 40!?!?

1.Swim with the dolphins, anywhere, but most likely Seaworld.

2. Go whale watching- cant believe I haven't done this one yet!

3. Learn to paraglide- no not just do it, which is the best fun, but get my licence, and do it for real.

4. Buy a house- OK, very sensible, but also very important.

5. OK- upgrade- buy a large property (farm).

6. Own at least ONE horse (see number 5).

7. Have another baby- I may have been super blessed by one, but would love (at least!) another!

8. See more of Australia.

9. To be living a more self-sufficient sustainable life.

10. Go scuba diving.

Well, that will have to do me for now. I figure that's one per year, at the worst, but I can always add to this ( I am sure there are many other things I want to accomplish)

Bed time...

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