Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a vintage picnicer!

Well, the sewn launch is over, the blog parties have ended, and i didn't win anything :( And i entered sooooo many hehe. Oh well. I am sure those that won, will love their prizes just as much as I would have, so its all good ; )

So, anyway, moving on....

It was my best friends birthday a few weeks ago- she turned 30 too...we are both old now...but anyway, i am super slack and haven't gotten her anything...i know....even after she spoilt me with the most amazing witchery purse for my birthday...she even gave it to me EARLY which means i am doubly slack!! BUT i intend to make up for it with a lovely handmade pressie. She has had a really tough year, and i really want to make her something special- bright and cheerie and full of love. But since i am so new to sewing, all i know how to do it quilt!! So i thought i might make her a lovely picnic rug. But i am broke! So it needs to be cheap! Now come on, I am not cheap, but my bank balance is, so...i gotta get thrifty (secretly i think this is part of the fun!)
Now my lovely friend loves antique/ vintage/ shabby chic (i hate that phrase, but there i go using it) so i need to find some lovely floraly, spotty, stripy vintage fabrics, preferably in pastely pinks, blues and greens. I would love to make a real hodge-podge-y mixed bag, improv quilt..and this is all i really know how to do anyway...but one that will show of all the beautiful prints i hope to find...somewhere...maybe ebay, maybe my local Salvo's...dunno yet...know of anywhere good?
BUT- i want to make it a little more durable on the back- not just another sheet....does anyone have any experience or suggestions for a fabric to use? i would love to know what you have done or heard of. What works and what doesn't...Please, help me out!?!

Thanks peeps....



  1. I came to your blog from Iheartlinen...and you had won the SEWN giveaway there! congrats!

  2. omg i cant believe i missed that one! and she is one of my fave blogs too!!!

    thanks for letting me know

    WOO HOO!!!! What and awesome prize package!!!

    YAY for giveaways : )


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