Wednesday, June 3, 2009

check this out!!!

i am finally making a log cabin quilt!! YAY for me!! HOORAY!! i know, i am a tool, but i am getting a bit sick of doing coin quilts, as that is all i know how to do...but since i asked for your advice on what to do with my little fabric bundles, i went on over to this flickr group, like you suggested and went from there. there are some seriously awesome log cabins out there, i feel a bit intimidated! but anyway...
i then found a really good online tutorial from Aussies Melly and Me.
here it is! it is awesome. maybe i could have done it free hand, or just made it up as i go, but from what i have seen this is fool proof, and makes the best looking quilts around. take a look, it is SO worth it if you have never done one before.
and look, here is the proof. i am loving this. i find the repetition so is calming and relaxing, but beware- do too many in one day, and you WILL dream about them lol
sorry bout the quality of my photos, but it is STILL raining outside and i think the sun has forgotten to come back, so my kitchen bench it is...for now!


  1. Love , love , love taht fabric . Looking foward to seeing it in all its glory .

  2. These look great! I love log cabins, and know exactly what you mean about the satisfaction you get from the repetitiveness. It's going to be a great quilt!

  3. they look great - love the bright colours too!

  4. The fabric that you have chosen is to die for!! It's gorgeous!! This quilt is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. oh wow, love the fabrics. I'be just ordered some of those, they are soooo yummy.


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