Wednesday, June 10, 2009

too much reading?

are you like me? are you addicted to books? do you always have at least one on the go? struggling to find something decent to read?

well, i've decided, since i struggle to come up with interesting posts (!) i will let you know what i am reading ATM. I spend SO much of my time with a book, especially now as i am on maternity leave, and spend so much time reading while i try to encourage my son to sleep (it takes a LONG time, trust me!) and since i cant sew one handed in my rocking chair, i read! I always have read a lot, it is a love affair that began as soon as i could read. and i treasure my books, they are a part of who i am. they share a path as to how i got to be me. my partner looked at my bookshelf last night, and said ' why don't you sell them, you could buy so many more with the money'...he doesn't understand!! do you?

So, anyway, my current book is I Am The Messenger, by Markus Zusak. he wrote The Book Thief, have you read it? another great book.

This book is set in Australia (love that) and is about a pretty pathetic guy who stumbles onto a very noble journey. His writing is amazing, he makes his books come alive. With sentences like 'the breeze looked away, almost embarrassed at having watched-and i'm left here alone' and 'i stand in the long grass and hear the river now for the first time. it sounds like it's drinking'. or how about 'Ritchie sits there like an injury' is just beautiful to read, and in some parts laugh-out-loud funny! and trust me i did- woke my son up i was laughing so hard!

So if you need a new book to read, let me highly recommend this! hope you enjoy, and please let me know if you do!!

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  1. I read the book thief, and LOVED it so I'm off to amazon now to get this one - thanks!!!!


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