Thursday, June 4, 2009


today i am missing Orlando....he is (was) my gorgeous ragdoll kitten...well, not so much a kitten, he was 2, and very much a man : ) But he passed on in a tragic accident (cars and cats don't mix) and i find myself missing him too much today.
I have been considering getting another boy to cuddle, but my allergic husband wont even consider for now its just memories of warm kitty cuddles to snuggle up to today



  1. I like your blog!

  2. Well why don't you? The more, the merrier! :)

  3. Hugs, I know only too well how you are feeling right now - we lost our beloved kitty not so long ago :(. We've got a new kitty now, he by no means replaces our Kythas but hes pretty awesome! You can get hairless kitties too - good for those allergic folk ;) ;)

  4. Hi Danielle - so sorry that you feel sad about your cat - I'm sorry too that you didn't win my giveaway - but I think that I will send you some of my vintage fabric anyway - I loved your comment and hoped you would win! - let me know if you would like some. Cheers, Bron


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