Monday, June 15, 2009

opshop update!

I got lucky!! i found some new (old) sheets that had come into a local charity run op-shop. they are not exactly what i am looking for, but they are closer than nothing. some of them are quite threadbare in the middle, but i got 2 double sheets, and 2 pillowcases for $2, despite the price tags...bargain ; ) AND she threw in this gorgeous baby blanket, which will be perfect for my next quilt. I am thinking of using old jumpsuits/ onesies and some new fabric for a soft cuddly one of a kind blanket for Kalan. have you done anything similar?
so, between my new vintage finds, the ones i scored last week, and the awesome bag of scraps i won over at i'm a ginger monkey, i am nearly set! plus, not to get my hopes up, but i think there may be a very special surprise package in my letterbox in the next few days! i will let you know when (it) arrives!! fingers crossed : o )

the baby blanket for my next super cuddly project- stay tuned for that one!!

my super cool retro sheets! the lady in the opshop thought i was hilarious- she had no idea what retro meant...i was like 'you know- grandma florals!' we got there in the end!

my inspirations from over at just tutes

this is my next quilt, bases on outgrown jumpsuits and baby blankets. this is from the talented little brooke

wish me luck : )


  1. Ooh, good luck with all your projects! I am super jealous of that gorgeous baby blanket score. And I need some of the luck you have in winning giveaways! That's awesome :-)

  2. I never have that kind of luck finding cool fabric. You'll have no problem creating a beautiful quilt!

  3. You have got some terrific fabrics there. What a fun project.


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