Tuesday, May 26, 2009

help me choose a quilt...please!

I need help-desperately! I have been scouring blogs, books and the Internet in general to try and find something to do with my new fabric...I bought a few yards of fabric (far left) and also a few sample packs from Fabriccloset on Etsy. They are 9'x11' and i have about 25 of them to use. I bought them with a play mat in mind, but now i think i want to quilt with them instead....But what to do??? I don't know if they are too small to make a log cabin...i have never tried that before...or maybe the half triangle squares with linen...hhhmmm what do you think? Can you help?


  1. congrats on your new baby! thanks for the support! i will be back! :)

  2. Either - it would make a great scrappy log cabin - there is a flickr scrappy log cabin group - there are some great ideas there.

  3. Either would look great. A scrappy log cabin is nice and simple, but looks really effective. Half square triangles can be more of a pain in the bum, but if you get triangle papers it makes the job MUCH easier, and less monotonous. What about a simple brick pattern? That always looks great. There's a pattern on Amy Butler's website, you could adapt it to suit you.


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