Saturday, May 23, 2009

a glimpse of sunshine

During all this crazy cyclonic, torrential rain we have had over the last few days, we got a brief moment of sunshine...K and I made the most of it by spending some time in the beautiful is this boy!?

oops not this one! this is our newly acquired 'second hand' dog Cookie...I know, I know, not the most inventive name, but its the name she came with!
now, here is the star attraction! Mr K in the basil : )

oh i am much too much too in love with him xx


  1. OMG- how cute is your Cookie?? :-) I reckon there's some Bichon in that pup. And how great does your basil look? I can never get mine to grow like that. Oh, and spunky Mr K, too :-)

  2. thanks ; ) i think she is very cute too! we were told that she was a cavoodle, but i definately think there is some maltese in there too...i never really thought about bischon but now that you mention it...
    oh the basil, grows like a weed- they have grown wild, we just pull the seeds and scatter through the garden...have literally hundreds of seedlings popping up, and HUGE bushes you can imagine, everything we cook contains basil! if i thought it would survive the postman i would happily send you down a load...dont know how that would go??


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