Tuesday, May 12, 2009

finally more quilts!

ok i have been really slack on posting about my quilt making successes (and failures!) so thought maybe it was about time i updated! i have just finished our quilt and i LOVE it! it is almost a perfect fit for a queen bed, but since i dont use a pattern, or measure anything, i came a little under...but not to worry, there just isnt as much overhang as i would like, but other than that, it does the job! i used, gee i think 3 in the end, Moda Nest charm packs and backed with this lovely hhmmm what would you call it- Jade maybe, fabric. this was used for the sashing and borders too...very plain really. no binding or anything flash, but i love the fabric line, so i dont think it needed much else... here are some shots!

Kalan helping with the sandwiching

pins, pins and more pins!

starting the actual quilting..i went with a criss cross through each square...nice and easy considering the size of the quilt!!

what a cute helper!

and he even matched a little too :o )

the finished result!!

and again...i really love it!

and a very irresistible foot x
bye for now....

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  1. Aw- I don't know which is cuter- the quilt or the bub! Well done on your achievement. Quilts can be so large and overwhelming, so I'm really excited you finished yours and love it as much as you do!! xx


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