Thursday, May 28, 2009

blog giveaway : )

ok, so i have been feeling a bit sorry for myself lately...i am totally hooked on sewing, quilting in particular, but it just seems to be a massive expense....especially when you are not working. i look at fabric stores here in oz, and it just blows my mind how expensive the designer fabrics i look online in the states, and see that it is much cheaper...but then postage is a killer. so to make it more economical, you really have to fill the whole package...which means i am blowing my budget out. so i had a big whinge, a little cry and now i have moved on! i have decided that, especially while i am still learning, i am going to op-shop it for a while. i headed down to a couple of my local ones, and i did manage to find a couple of old sheets. but my fave find were some old pillowcases...they are all linen, which i have never sewn with before, but i wanted to make a bit of a retro, florally picnic rug (yes, i know its winter!) and i thought maybe linen would be a little tougher? so then i thought, well why cant i use tea towells- you know, just the cotton today i am off to ikea to find some el cheapo's! i guess the whole reason people started quilting was to use up any old bits of fabric, clothes, bed linen, whatever they was born from necessity, not i too am heading back old school : )

my thrifty finds- aren't they sweet

then, to top off my thrift extravaganza, i entered the coolest blog giveaway over at imagingermonkey. as she lives in the UK, i could only enter the giveaway for her scrap bag...but i WON!!! YAY FOR ME!!!! WOO HOO!!!! do you know, i am totally in love with the thought of someones old may sound scabby, but i think its cool...someone has lovingly picked out these fabrics to make who knows what awesome its my turn! hopefully some of the creative juices are still running hot through these goodies! How awesome is that bag of goodness!?!?

when i checked through my blog roll look what i saw!! YAY : )
i have my eye on making a fabric basket and maybe a drawstring bag, like these...
you can find tutorials here.
This is an awesome blog- her creations are fantastic and her fabric is to DIE for!

But for now i will have to wait and see what exactly is in the bag!
so, there you lesson: be patient, have faith, and enter ALL blog giveaway' never know your luck ; )


  1. Wow, love your thrifty goodness! Must go and check out my local op-shops. You've also scored a great scrap bag there! Lucky you!


  2. you are most welcome!!!! I hope you can make LOTS of bags and boxes with the scraps!

    And GREAT op shop find - those pillowcases are wonderful, I love them. A little tip for sewing linen (because it can be a bit wiggly) LOTS of pins, and some spray starch. I have an addiction to spray starch, I love it.

  3. Hi, thanks heaps for your comment...hey another good alternative when looking for fabrics in op look for mens shirts...they have some nice designs on them sometimes...

  4. I love repurposing fabric, clothes. It can really spark a creative idea that you just don't get from 'quilting fabrics'. People really appreciate the creativity as well. Thanks for entering the giveaway.


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