Monday, August 23, 2010

paper pom pom's

OMG- i have been loving these for ages, and have been meaning to make these for the new nursery. i think they look gorgeous, and all the websites and tutes say how easy they are to make. so... i made it my mission to get all my bits together and make some. now, when the tute says 'now for the fun part- fluffing the pom pom's' i think they forgot to add the '' to fun. eg. 'fun', as in: insert sarcasm here...these SUCK!!! i SO do not have the patience for thin, easily shred-able, fiddly paper craft...fabric is much more sturdy, reliable and forgiving ; )

anyway, off to try my hand at another one. and if you want to try some for yourself (although you have been warned!!), head over here!

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