Wednesday, August 11, 2010

amy butler rocks my world...

i have had this fabric stashed away for so long...i was really hoping that i would get to use it in my little girls nursery....but mother nature (or someone) had other plans for me, with me carrying my second boy, and no girl anywhere on the horizon yet!

SO- if not MY baby girl, then surely my niece comes pretty close :)

it is her 4th birthday in about two weeks, and i had high hopes of making a kaleidoscope quilt for her. but i was seriously running out of time, so i made this instead!!!

i LOVE it... ♥ ♥ ♥ it... and i think the little pillow looks great with it, and i love the binding and backing fabric...its just so girly. the girliest quilt i have ever made, and it was so much fun.
it is just under a single size, its the right width, but a few inches too short at the top, but not too big that it looks weird. anyway, with the amount of fabric i had, this is the best i could do. now i know i have been doing this pattern to DEATH at the moment, but it is so quick, easy and economical, i cant go past it. it uses only one yard of print, and one of solid, so great if funds are tight, or you have some spare yards laying around. but after saying that, i am laying off this design for a while!!!4 in as many weeks, or thereabouts is too many. i could do it in my sleep now :)

so, what do you think?


  1. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!!!

  2. Oh, Amy Butler rocks my world too! This was beautiful print. (and I love this pattern, it is a goody!)

  3. Super cute, I love this Amy Butler print with the white, the colors really pop. Love the scrappy one too!

  4. The fabrics are beautiful. When your little one hugs her quilt and smiles - It will be all worth the time,


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