Sunday, August 1, 2010

my version of strips and bricks

i have finished my version of the strips and bricks quilt, as seen in Sew Hip, and also over at Red Pepper.

I loved every minute of making this quilt, from choosing all the gorgeous Japanese linen fabric for it, to cutting and piecing, the quilting, and surprisingly this time i even enjoyed doing the binding.

i was only going to quilt in the ditch this time, but then i stopped being lazy, and the more i did, the more i wanted to keep really does look better with more rather than less straight line quilting.

i followed the pattern almost exactly, but i added 4 extra pieces to each row as it was a little small for a nursery quilt/ playmat. babies learn to roll far to quickly, and before i know it, this little one will be somersaulting his way off : )

i don't think i am going to be able to part with this one, but we'll see!


  1. beautiful work!!! love all the japanese fabrics you have chosen. what kind of batting do you use?

  2. thanks guys! wynona, i use 100% organic cotton batting, its really easy to work with, and although its lightweight, its super warm and snuggly : )

  3. You're right! I love your version of the Strips and Bricks quilt, beautifully made! Did you machine stitch the binding?


  4. hi Rita,

    i machine stitch my binding on- coutesy of your tutorial! and its definately getting easier (and better) every time!

    glad you like it

    ♥ danielle


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