Wednesday, April 29, 2009

so lucky

so i have been meaning to post about my b'day for a couple of days now. i had a great day, so lovely to spend it with was very quite- just lunch with family and friends, but a great way to farewell my 20's (aaaaaaggggghhhhhh)
it was definately a very sobering day though, as it is the first b'day i have celebrated since becoming a mum, and it certainly made me realize (again) that it really isnt just all about me anymore! i spent so much time in and out of the bedroom feeding and trying to settle k, that i felt like i missed most of my own party! but besides that, it was wonderful...
AND i got proper spoilt! like crazy over the top out of this world kinda spoilt!
here is just a little bit of the amazing goodies i was showered with:

gorgeous chocolates, a super sweet hot water bottle, earrings, jim jams!!

a great book on sewing some home projects, lots of champagne, a lovely elephant ornament (you know i love all things elephant related!) a vase and a scarf...

my boots!!! YAY!!!

the most beautiful flowers...

my GPS!! and some nursing bra's (very sexy!) a ring, a bracelet, a necklace (by Koolaman desings-hand stamped with Kalans name and DOB- could this be my favourite of all!?!)

And so much more- i am just too lucky!

thanks so much to all my peeps for making me realise just how lucky i am...

love you all


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  1. It sounds like a lovely day, and you sure did get spoilt! That's what birthdays are all about :-)


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