Saturday, April 25, 2009

my birthday wishlist!

wow i am turning the big 3 0 on monday...kinda scary, kinda exciting...i think i have accomplished alot this year. i have had a baby, have learned alot about my self, have had a chance to really figure out what i want out of life, and the steps i need to take to get there...ok, so maybe some of you have had this plan since you were 12, but i am maybe a bit of a late bloomer in that respect...i definitely have had alot of fun in my life, but direction and discipline didn't really play much of a part in any of that! i think now i am starting to get a piece of the life i envisioned as a child. isn't it weird, the things i wanted for myself when i was a little girl are still the things i want now...i don't want to be rich, i don't want to be famous, i just want to live a holistic, honest, truthful, passionate life...i want to live sustainably with mother nature, be creative, resourceful, inspiring..i want my son and my other children that are patiently waiting for me to respect and love me, to cherish me and for me to cherish them beyond belief....i want my partner to adore me- every day, to consider himself so lucky to know me like no one ever has...and i think i am definitely on the right track...gee you really do get calmer, more reflective as you get older...ask me what i wanted when i was 18 or 21 it would have been a much different answer!!
saying all this though, i still have managed to be somewhat materialistic and put together a wishlist...let me share it with you!

amy butler bundle

i found this on another blog- i love these..anyone know where they came from?

whistle necklace

wonderful glorious boots...

my engagement ring!!

these gorgeous hardcover penguin classics

a 12 months kindred magazine this mag

ooooowww a massage...P L E A S E

and my sat-nav...i am hopeless with directions

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  1. Hi! You really need to email me at littlemisspepperberry AT gmail DOT com so I can respond to your comments :-)

    Also... WOW! The big 3-0. What an exciting time in your life! And what a great non-materialistic wish list :-) I like the materialistic one too!!

    I hope your birthday is magical, but I also hope the year that follows is full of friends, laughter, family time, gorgeous snuggles, great food, and crafty growth. xx

    P.S. No, that dog in my post isn't mine. He could be, considering how many of them I own/look after! But he's just from a royalty-free stock website :-)


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